It All Started With A Duck

Monkey House Crochet Patterns was born out of a need for a particular pattern.

I was on the lookout for a crochet pattern for a rubber duck, to add a handmade gift to my daughter’s ever-growing beloved ducky collection. I found several patterns, but none of them were what I was looking for. So I wrote my own.

Next it was a set of dolls. Five life-size crochet babies, to model baby clothes. Then a doll for my daughter. Then a couple new versions of the original Ducky that started it all, a few accessories, a shawl, a skirt. Before I knew it, I had drafts started for a dozen different original patterns and I thought, I could publish these.

I found a group of testers on Ravelry, where I had already been a member for a few years, and Monkey House Crochet Patterns got its start.

In January of 2014, I took up knitting. And, in a similar story to Just Ducky, I needed a pattern and couldn’t find [em]just[/em] the right one. This time it was a dress for my daughter’s new baby doll. None of the free patterns looked easy enough for a beginner, and the ones that were easy enough were all too big for her doll. So I started drafting my own knitting pattern, too. The name of this blog will still be the same; knitting patterns will just be occasional.


2 thoughts on “It All Started With A Duck

  1. Very interesting. I am about to have my potholder tested…my first to put on Ravelry.
    I would love to know about your five life-size crochet babies. I’m always in need of models, but never considered making one! (well, I guess I did make 6 with the help of my husband and who were gifts from God, but they are too big for baby models and so are their children! LOL)
    Thank you. Looking forward to making your Nina Dress.

    • Those patterns are still in progress; I need to collect some more accurate measurements and get the correct yarn weight, but as soon as I have the patterns written I’ll be posting them for testing on Ravelry as well.

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